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At Nutrian we are committed to providing our customers with affordable liquid fertilisers of the highest quality to suit individual crop requirements. To this end, we provide a full range of concentrated liquid suspensions (also known as emulsions) and complete solution products.

Our product range is subject to continuous development backed by sound research and leading edge technology.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

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Why farmers are changing to liquids:

check_iconSavings in time and labour costs
check_iconVersatile as they can be applied through irrigation and spray equipment
check_iconBetter absorption

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Seed Dressings – What to Know

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One question often asked by farmers is: “Which is the best: foliar, seed dressings or soil applied micronutrients?” In short, all three application methods play an important role and much depends on your equipment’s ability to effectively deliver micro nutrients to the soil or to the plant. However, the bottom…

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New Products

Nutrian Launches New Turbo Range

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Nutrian Liquid Fertilisers is pleased to announce its recent launch of the Turbo Range. Designed with the home gardener in mind the range consists of six 2L clip-and-spray products to cover all your needs: TurboKELP, TurboPLANT, TurboTRACE, TurboTURF, TurboVEG and TurboWET. Formulated with the environment in mind, our Turbo Range…

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NEW Liquid Gypsum & Liquid Lime. A highly concentrated fully water dispersible liquid fertiliser containing a high percentage of Calcium to ensure strong early plant development. With an average particle size of 2 microns it can be used in fertigation down the drip line and also as a foliar.

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Fertiliser ripe for nanotechnology

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Though worldwide farming techniques and plant breeding programs are rapidly progressing, fertiliser development generally appears to have stalled, according to the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology “Innovation is urgently needed to meet the agricultural challenges associated with population growth, climate change, and food security. Nanotechnology represents an opportunity to…

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Nutrian a success at the West Milands Spring fair. This year proved to be an exciting year for Nutrian as all flocked to see what they had in stall and how they could assist in plant development. All were amazed at the trial results shown. Looking forward I think we can all be relieved Nutrian is developing fertilisers that work!

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