Cherry Lane Fields – Improving Yields and Quality

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  • June 8, 2017

Cherry Lane 4

Cherry Lane Fields is a family run 42 hectare cherry farm, located in Manjimup. The town ,is in the beautiful Tall Timber country of the lower South West region of Western Australia, a 3 hour drive from Perth. Cherry Lane Fields is Western Australia’s biggest cherry producer, and has been growing and selling cherries for over 50 years.

Over the past two seasons, George and Kathy Grozotis have been working closely with Ross Milne, a senior Agronomist from Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser. Together they have developed a nutritional programme to improve yield and quality from their cherry orchard.

Cherry Lane 2

After extensive testing, the following programme was introduced:

• Green tip to flowering – foliar application Calbud
• Blossom – fertigation Response 1 + Ezyflow Zinc + Boron
• Shuck fall to fruit development – foliar application Calfusion
• Leaf testing
• Fruit development – fertigation Response 3 + Boron – foliar Calfusion
• Leaf and fruit testing
• Colour enhancement – foliar Calbud + K-Fusion
• Fruit testing
• Pre-harvest – foliar K-Fusion
• Post harvest – foliar Calbud + Boron, fertigation Response 3

Cherry Lane 3“Ever since we started using Nutrian products, such as CalFUSION, Boron, Calbud, on our cherry orchard our plant health and growth has improved dramatically. In turn our yields and fruit quality have increased, which inevitably has increased revenue.
Ross, from Nutrian has assisted us with whatever horticultural questions we have so we can grow the best crop.” Kathy Grozotis.


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