EZYFLOW GYPSUM Continues to Grow

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  • December 1, 2014


EZYFLOW Gypsum, Nutrian’s premium liquid Gypsum product, continues to grow in popularity and is being used by growers of horticultural crops to supplement Ca and/or ameliorate salt problems. With an approximate particle-size of 1-2 microns, EZYFLOW Gypsum has an excellent shelf-life and is rapidly converted to Calcium (Ca) and Sulphur (S) upon dilution in water. As this product is true Gypsum and due to its ultrafine particle-size, the conversion rate to Ca and S is more rapid than coarser-grain products, especially those based on Calcium Carbonate and Sulphur. The upshot is that Ca is more rapidly available with EZYFLOW Gypsum, which is critical during fruit development of fruiting crops.

EZYFLOW Gypsum is being used by growers of tree crops such as mangos, lychees and citrus and row crops like capsicums, blueberries and strawberries. Following suitable dilution and ensuring good agitation in a mixing tank, this product can be injected into any irrigation system, even through the finest drip irrigation. Growers have provided positive feedback about the ease of injection of EZYFLOW Gypsum, good shelf life of the product and favourable results in the treatment of salt problems.


Written by: Rory Tomlinson

EZYFLOW Gypsum techsheet