Fertiliser ripe for nanotechnology

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  • March 28, 2018

Though worldwide farming techniques and plant breeding programs are rapidly progressing, fertiliser development generally appears to have stalled, according to the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology “Innovation is urgently needed to meet the agricultural challenges associated with population growth, climate change, and food security. Nanotechnology represents an opportunity to improve agricultural productivity and yield while ensuring sustainability,” the institute says.

Nutrian has made it an ongoing challenge to innovate and develop new fertiliser techniques, products and concepts to feed the growing demands of the agricultural industry and has embraced nanotechnology as one of the most promising tools for the current revolution in fertilisers.


Nutrian managing director Dave Seagreen said the company was committed to R&D and to strive always for perfection. “For a number of years, Nutrian’s R&D team have worked on improving our current Ezy Flow range to deliver better handling and ease of use and, more importantly, to improve efficacy of the product and our technical team support this effort in constantly upgrading Nutrian’s plant and milling systems.” He said. “This search for efficiency ultimately resulted in the development of the new Ezy Flow Nano range. Nutrian’s entry into this space is an exciting development for its customers.”

Mr Seagreen said nanotechnology approaches provide novel and innovative ways to improve crop yield through the more efficiently delivery of fertilisers, and can be useful for biotic and abiotics stress tolerance of plants, especially in the types of drought situations that plague much of the agricultural world today.

In-house trials systematically demonstrate that the new Ezy Flow Nano Zinc performed 30 per cent better than the Ezy Flow Zinc.

“This is most significant as independent trials with the standard Ezy Flow Zinc against EDTA chelates and sulphates (products that Nutrian also manufactures and sells) show that the performance of the standard Ezy Flow Zinc was comparable in some trial and outperformed the EDTAs and sulphates in other trials,” Mr Seagreen said.

The introduction of Ezy Flow Nano offers the opportunity to offer a far superior, premium, better performing product range while retaining the excellent tank mixing and crop safety attributes.

“Most importantly, improved performance provides better bang for the proverbial buck and cost per unit and hectare, all of which makes the Nano range an extremely affordable option.”

Original Article published in The Countryman

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