Nutrian Expanding Abroad

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  • May 30, 2016

Recently Nutrian’s Managing Director and WA sales manager visited Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The purpose of the visits was to introduce the Nutrian product range to prospective distributors and large scale farmers involved in the export of flowers, fruit and vegetables. In addition keen interest was shown by large scale broad acre farmers in both Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Dave Seagreen, Managing Director of Nutrian, was extremely impressed with what he saw in Kenya, with extensive visits to vegetable, flower and row crop operations. “The level of expertise and knowledge here in Kenya and the farming practices have been a real eye opener. We have unique products which can easily be used in these operations and make a very real difference to farmer’s yields and profit” Said Dave after the trip.

Nutrian’s products are milled down extremely finely meaning that they can be applied via any irrigation system, pivot, drip, sprinkler or boom spray. As a result of the fineness of the particles, plants are easily able to absorb them very quickly through either foliar or drench applications.

The products that were of most interest immediately in Kenya were EZYFLOW Gypsum, EZYFLOW Lime, EZYFLOW Calbud, NutriFUSION CalFUSION and NutriFUSION Response 1. These products will be used on crops as different as roses, avocados, potatoes, pecan nuts, green beans, apples, wheat, maize, citrus and peppadews.

To find out more please contact Dave Seagreen – +618 9384 9046 or