Nutrian: Quality for Tomorrow

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  • March 19, 2015


Many of our customers are wondering why we have switched to lime green caps sporting the Nutrian logo for our 10L and 20L containers. Simply put, it is just one of the ways that we protect our quality. Nutrian remains committed to supplying only the very best and our new custom made tamper proof caps afford peace of mind that your product is just that; that it has passed Quality Control and has arrived safely and the condition that it exited the factory. All containers larger then 20L are dispatched from our factory with tamper-proof seals attached. When receiving any of Nutrian’s products please check that the seal has not been compromised. Should any seal be broken please notify Nutrian immediately!

Let us walk you through our quality system.

We source and purchase raw materials both worldwide and locally. We deal only with respected companies with which we have had long standing relationships. Nutrian insists on certificates of analysis that are consistent with our requirements with each batch of raw materials received. At the very least we require a certificate of conformance from the more reputable local companies with which we deal.

The first stage of the manufacturing process involves Nutrian’s recipes detailing how to make the products. These are produced in a batch system in mixing equipment specifically designed for the production of the various types of liquid fertilisers. These recipes are double-checked by experienced operating staff to make sure that the correct ingredients go into each batch in the correct order.

Once a batch has been completed, the following is checked before the mixer is emptied.
1. Consistency/viscosity
2. Colour
3. Specific gravity (specific gravity is also know as SG, this measurement is important in quality control for suspension fertilisers)

Further processing of our suspension concentrates (SC’s) if required includes a size reduction process where the particle size is reduced to fine particles targeting around the 1-2 micron mark. This is achieved through specialist equipment imported from Switzerland which are regularly cleaned and serviced to ensure product consistency.

After this stage in the process and only if operating staff are satisfied that the product has been processed to our standards, the following checks are made once again:
1. Consistency/viscosity
2. Colour
3. SG

Once the production staff and chemist are satisfied that the fertiliser produced complies with the specified criteria and that the batch passes all Quality checks, is the batch then cleared for bottling and sale.

Retention sample of the batch is then taken, numbered, labeled and stored for the ‘life-span’ of the product. These retention samples are periodically quality checked. Should a sample be detected that does not conform to standards, we will follow the related batch up in the market place in order to make further checks. Should we remain unhappy with the product’s quality we will recall the batch.

Periodically the chemist at Nutrian will send samples to a NATA laboratory for independent testing to ensure that Nutrian is satisfied with the quality of product going to market and that it conforms with industry standards.
These tests typically comprise:
1. Full composition analysis, and
2. Particle size analysis in the case of SC’s

This stringent Quality system has been developed and is an implemented part of our ongoing commitment to quality. To ensure product repeatability is as important to us as our passion for innovation and for improving our current product range.


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