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Pomegranate Farming in Australia - Jenna Orchard Family Farm

Jenna Orchard – Pomegranate

  • 1
  • June 27, 2017

Jenna Orchard is a family owned and operated orchard. It’s located in the central Wheatbelt within the Shire of Goomalling, 140km from Perth. The business is owned and operated by Don and Laura Meneguz who initially planted pomegranate trees in 2012.

Pomegranate farming Australia

The pomegranate industry in Australia is very small with only around 200ha of land under pomegranate production. The fruit is well suited to south-western Australia. Pomegranate arils (fleshy seeds) and juice contain high levels of antioxidantsresulting in the promotion of pomegranates as a health food in recent years.Pomegranates would probably grow best commercially from Geraldton to Albany. They grow best in warm areas, with temperatures up to 38°C. Soils must be well drained and flowering occurs in late spring, when there is no frost. Pomegranates do not like high humidity.

Jenna Orchard was recently experiencing problems producing quality fruit. High losses were common leading to low yields. For the past three seasons Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser has been able to greatly improve tree growth thus boosting fruit yields and increasing good quality fruit. Multiple Calcium applications have been imperative in ensuring improved tree growth and quality fruit.

The following nutritional programme was implemented:

• Red tip to budburst – fertigation Ezyflow Gypsum + Response 1 + Boron, foliar Calbud
• Leaf growth – fertigation Ezyflow Gypsum + Ezyflow Trace + Response 1, foliar Calfusion
• Leaf test
• Flower bud to calyx opening – foliar Calbud
• Fruit set – foliar Calfusion, fertigation Response 3
• Leaf and fruit test
• Fruit Growth to harvest – fertigation Ezyflow Gypsum, foliar Calbud + K-Fusion
• Post harvest – fertigation Ezyflow Gypsum + Ezyflow Trace + Response 3, foliar Calbud

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email: ross@nutrian.com.au.

Pomegranate farming Australia

Pomegranate farming Australia

Pomegranate farming Australia