Bio Range Carbon Ultra

A unique high analysis of highly active super-charged Fulvic Acid designed specifically to provide soil-life activation, soil conditioner and to magnify foliar applications.

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Product Description

  • An easy to use, free-flowing and sediment-free formulation compatible for a wide range of applications.
  • Features a natural chelating agent which acts to convert metallic elements into available forms to ensure increased nutrient absorption.
  • Complexes minerals, phosphate and lime to reduce lock-up.
  • Enhances root development and encourages vigorous root systems which increase plant uptake of essential nutrients and moisture from the soil.
  • Features a CEC of 1400 which assists with the retention and stability of both moisture and nutrients.
  • Acts to increase the permeability of plant membranes which, in turn, improves crop nutrient uptake.
  • Builds plant Brix levels thereby assisting in the counteraction of stress in plants and drought resistance.
  • Exercises a role in the natural detoxification of pollutants in the soil through the absorption of poisons and increasing the breakdown of toxins.

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