Bio Range Prillgypsum is a dust free round granule made from superior quality Calcium and Sulfate Dihydrate. This is a natural occuring mineral. Due to the Dihydrate form of gypsum it dissolves into solution rapidly. Applied to improve your soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing Calcium levels in the soil. 2 grades supplied having a particle size of 1-2mm and 2-4mm

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Product Description

  • Bio Range PRILLGYPSUM dissolves rapidly into solution.
  • Bio Range PRILLGYPSUM is a natural occuring mineral.
  • Natural Gypsum has unique chemistry properties. Gypsum also known as Calcium Sulphate will react very quickly with Sodum to form Sodium Sulphate, and leach from the soil profile quickly.
  • Great source of Calcium and Sulphur for plant nutrition.
    Bio Range PRILLGYPSUM improves water infiltration.
  • Bio Range PRILLGYPSUM is a natural Gypsum and is ideal to reduce Sodium.
  • Bio Range PRILLGYPSUM supplied in 2 grades: 1-2mm and 2-4mm.