A highly concentrated fully water dispersable liquid fertiliser containing optimally synergistic ratios of Calcium, Zinc, Nitrogen and Magnesium with trace elements to ensure strong early plant development.

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Product Description

  • Synergistically formulated to ensure essential crop nutrition, especially from the pre-bud stage right through to post harvest.
  • Safe to use formulation that can be used during flowering
  • Calcium is required for synthesis of cells in the growing pollen tube and determines direction of growth of the pollen tube.
  • Added magnesium to improve chlorophyll production, especially in new leaf
  • Provides essential Zinc that improves pollination as well as levels of growth hormones , Zinc also helps to relieve environmental stress.
  • Boron assists pollen tube development as well as the whole pollination process and enhances calcium absorption
  • Can be applied with a wide range of other agricultural chemicals.

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