Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

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  • May 29, 2017

Nutran Ezyflow

“Tomorrow’s Technology, Today’ is a technological statement we stand by,” says Nutrian’s MD, David Seagreen. “At Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser we consider ourselves to be right up amongst the best companies in the world, of which there are not many, when it comes to water soluble suspensions, emulsions and solid suspension technology.”

Nutrian’s suspensions (the EZYFLOW range) are characterised by high concentration levels of nutrients similar to levels found in solid fertilisers. This technology has served to chase the old saying ‘when you transport liquids you are transporting water’ from Nutrian’s vocabulary.

Consistent and ongoing Research and Development is the cornerstone of our company and has driven Nutrian’s success in this sector, placing it firmly as one of the global leaders in cutting edge suspension technology. At Nutrian we maintain an ongoing R & D commitment to our current range, continuously developing and trialling established products to improve nutrient delivery to the plant whilst at the same time working to improve the quality, shelf life and handling of the product.

Our key strengths are specialist knowledge of Rheology, commonly known as fluid dynamics and micronisation technology. These technologies are constantly evolving as new improvements to rheological products enter the market. In order to keep abreast of these developments, Nutrian maintains ongoing investment in their research, lab, plant and operations and has recently upgraded their wet milling system to ensure that the majority of the EZYFLOW products are now milled into the nano-particle size range with the average particle size around the 1 micron range. Our target is to get the majority of our products into the sub 1 micron (1000 nanometer) range.

The rationale behind this development is clear; the smaller the particle size in suspension fertilisers the better for efficacy. Nano-milled products have a massive specific surface area, which in most cases will exceed 7000M2 per kg or approximately 600ml for product. This surface area is particularly good for our soil injected calcium range as the rate of the neutralising pH is rapid enabling the plant roots to access moisture down deeper as the calcium does it’s job creating a favourable channel to moisture. The EZYFLOW range is ideal for drip and boom irrigation.

Nutrian also manufactures high concentration clear liquid fertilisers, especially custom blends designed for specialised crops and which are ideal for both foliar or fertigation application.

At Nutrian we strive to put science back into fertiliser and fertiliser technology. Through many trials and from experience we have discovered that there is a strong relationship between the chemical elements in fertiliser. We understand that formulating products is not just a matter of suspension and micronisation. There exists another aspect for the success of a product that requires understanding and manipulating the relationships between these chemical elements. It may be easy to dissolve solids in water, but the real science is in understanding the chemistry behind plant nutrition and the interaction with the soil and in utilising this knowledge, putting it into practice by formulating products that make a real difference.

To this end Nutrian invests heavily in technology, in trial our trial-work and our ultimate goal of putting science back into nature. We are proud of our ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation which stands as testament to this commitment to the quality of our products and process.

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